A wisely selected ergonomic office chair is the best solution for freelancers, chemists, programmers, architects, or even data entry operators who work long hours. In addition to improving comfort & productivity, they have a direct impact on overall health.

There are many types of chairs to suit a range of workplace or personal requirements, but office chairs and drafting chairs are among the most demanding in terms of their features.

The main difference between drafting and office chairs is that drafting chairs have an extended height, a foot-ring, and are more economical.

That doesn’t end the story, though!

With an intention to add decisive value 😊, we’ll be debating on ‘drafting chair vs office chair’ and coming up with recommendations on which chair may be able to satisfy your prospect.

What are Drafting Chairs?

office chair vs drafting chair

The drafting chair is a type of taller office chair with some modifications to meet specific use cases.

  • Extended Height

Base and cylinder stretch so that the seat is higher than normal, typically ranging between 25” – 35”.

  • Foot Ring

Due to the height of the chair, most people can’t have both feet on the ground at the same time. Therefore, drafting chairs have a foot-ring to keep the sitter’s feet from cutting through.

NOTE: The armrests may either be stationary, 2D or not available (depending on the product).

Despite being taller than most task chairs, drafting chairs are not as tall as a sit-stand leaning stool.

Who Should Buy a Drafting Chair?

Drafting chairs are highly reliable for artists (say makeup and lash) who need to frequently get up or reach the height of a taller workspace.

Drafting Chair vs Office Chair

Let’s have a detailed talk now!

1. Ergonomics

Both office or drafting chairs come with ergonomic features such as lumbar support, height adjustment, seat tilt mechanism, waterfall seat design, etc.

Drafting chairs offer average lumbar support in certain medical conditions like sciatica, which is one of the reasons they are cheaper than office chairs.

With reinforced pneumatic cylinders, drafting chairs allow you to adjust the seat height to a greater extent and to swivel 360 degrees.

Given below are some popular drafting chairs along with their height ranges:

Meanwhile, office chairs have seat heights ranging from 16 to 21 inches. A desk height of about 28-30 inches is ideal for this chair height.

2. Foot-ring & Casters

Drafting chairs have casters with a locking mechanism to secure the chair from sliding down during use.

However, most standard office chairs do not have foot-rings (but do have wheels).

3. Waterfall Edge Seat Cushion

The waterfall design of drafting chairs not only enhances comfort by reducing pressure on limbs, but its slight slope also encourages the use of a backrest that supports the lumbar region. This also prevents you from sliding down the chair.

3. Material

Unlike traditional office chairs, which are made with cushions and plastics, drafting chairs are made with Wood, Foam, Mesh, Plastic, and Metal. Consequently, they are capable of supporting a greater amount of weight than traditional office chairs.

4. Cost

A standard office chair costs more than a drafting chair. There are many ergonomic features in high-end office chairs, so they cost more.

Office Chairs vs Drafting Chairs at a Glance


When should you avoid drafting chairs?

People who sit at a normal-height desk shouldn’t get drafting chairs since these make their legs impossible to fit under the desk. An adjustable keyboard tray or adjustable-height desk would be a good solution in this situation.

Can a drafting chair be used as a desk chair?

Yes, drafting chairs have an adjustable height and can be lowered to regular desk height to work with these desks.

The Final Verdict

Height is a critical factor in maintaining a neutral posture and reducing several spinal diseases.

  • How high is your work surface in relation to your seat?
  • Should you position your arms higher or lower?
  • Are your feet touching the ground when you sit down?

Ergonomic drafting chairs allow users to maintain all the correct heights at their drafting table or standing height desk.

For those who work at desks and don’t need to move around frequently, an office chair is a right choice.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your personal preferences.

Happy Buying!