Mongoose Malus Review [year]: Is it The Best Fat Tire Mountain Bike?

Are you looking for a bike with fat tires? Are you worried about using your standard bike on rough trails, beaches, muddy, and snowy tracks? Mongoose has solved this problem by introducing the Mongoose Malus fat tire mountain bike.

Steel frames increase the durability of this bike, and fat tires let you do some extra fun. Mechanical disk brakes give you complete control over the bike’s speed, making it easier for you to go up the hill. Time to explore more on Mongoose Malus review.

At a Glance

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BRAND: Mongoose
FRAME: Steel
WHEEL SIZE: 26 inches
FRAME SIZE: 18-inch
COLOR: Silver/ Black
โœ… BEST FOR: The best fat tire mountain bike to cruise over snowy, sandy, loose, small rocks, and fallen limbs tracks.


Mongoose Malus Review (Fat Tire Mountain Bike)

๐Ÿ‘‰ NOTE: Reviews are based on numerous trials and errors with these machines. Letโ€™s dig into it and find the best for your endeavors.

mongoose malus reviews as fat tire mountain bike

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1. Weather-Resistant Double Frame

Mongoose has constantly introduced unique bikes in the market, and Malus is a piece of art. It looks different from the usual bikes as its steel frame makes this bike more sturdy and fashionable.

Double Steel Frame is not easy to bend and resistant to scratches which can bear harsh conditions with a smile. You can take this bike everywhere you want because it is specially designed to be weather-resistant.

Mongoose Malus gives you an exceptional riding experience because it is something that people have not seen before. It makes you feel like you are riding a technological gadget that is going to fly soon.

For me, it reminds me of the bike from the Guardian of the Galaxy๐Ÿ˜„. I hope you felt the same too when you first looked at its design.

2. 4″ Knobby Tires

Huge and 4″ fat tires let you ride comfortably on flat roads, rocky mountains, sand, snow, and whether you are wondering to touch the limit of skies. This product will be your best partner as a fat tire Mtb.

26″ by 4″ tires are good enough to make this bike ideal for adults. A large cushion seat saves you from bumps so that you don’t have to face problems. Fat tires protect you from accidents because of their cruising design.

Additionally, Mongoose Malus is capable of carrying up to 300lbs weight. Perfect for the bulkier person looking for a bike for daily routine exercise and those who want to explore mountains.

The sturdy frame of this bike can bear a considerable weight easily. So, don’t worry about weight. Get your new Mongoose malus and enjoy your time on the sand, snowy paths, and rough trails.

3. Front and Rear Disc Brakes

Dual disk brakes system offers you more control and grip on sloppy mountains. The system is comprised of 3 main parts i.e. brake pads, calipers, and rotors.

The brake pads are located on the rotor, which works against the rotor and stops the bike. This way, you have complete control over the speed of your bike, and if a child suddenly runs in front of you, you can stop it instantly.

4. 7 Speed Shimano Shifters

Shimano is quite famous for making the best gears all over the world. You will feel smooth shifting and operating feel with an ergonomic handle design.

7-speed Shimano shifters are lightweight and let you ride comfortably. Sitting posture is the same as professionals use. There is no chance to sprain your back while riding this Mongoose Malus bike. But this bike is not designed specifically for racing.โš ๏ธ

Although it’s not designed for racing, still this bad boy speed can be crazy. It is designed to have you memorable fun time on beaches, mountains, hills, and roads. A rear derailleur is installed in the bike for smooth gear shifting.

5. Adjustable Height

Mongoose Malus size is good enough for a football player, as it is 42 inches tall and 26 inches wider than the usual standard bike. Due to its flat tires and super-sized beach cruiser frame, you will never get tired and cover long journeys with ease.

It has a shock absorber to save you from shocks while riding on rough paths.

The threadless headset is lightweight and gives better steering to the bike. Adjustable handlebars let you adjust the size of the bike according to your height.

6. Affordable

if you are looking for a mountain bike under $1000, Mongoose malus is of great value. Its outstanding features make this bike good enough to spend money on. It got excellent stopping power, comfortable configuration, vertical clearance, cruiser style body, complete control, seven-speed Shimano gearings are some excellent reasons to buy this bike.

๐Ÿ‘‰ NOTE: It’s a fun toy, but you’ll need to replace components. If you’re buying at this price, don’t expect bulletproof precision.

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  • Wide knobby tires.
  • Precise speed control
  • Rear derailleurs shift gears easily
  • Front & Rear disc frames
  • Offer grips to climb hills
  • Beach cruiser pedals
  • Threadless headset
  • Handlebar for complete control on loose earth
  • Best for the money

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”I DISLIKE”]

  • Not recommended for racing
  • Less number of gears leads to the limited speed


Final Thoughts on Mongoose Malus Review

Malus, built for the apocalypse, glides over zombie hordes and wastelands with ease. Therefore, you get an attractive framework for an exciting upgrade project. Other owners saw the value at the low price and felt it was a complete bargain for the solid frame and tires.ย 

Also, I rate Malus higher than Mongoose Dolomite since it is the latest innovation in their fat mountain bikes.

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Which is Better Mongoose Malus or Dolomite?

Malus is the latest model/ innovation in Mongoose fat tire MTB series. Along with better performance, grip, and speed control, Malus beats Mongoose Dolomite in weight also (Malus uses private-labeled panaracer fat b nimble tires which are relatively lightweight and offer more grip).

How much does Mongoose Malus Weigh?

It weighs 45 lbs which is quite fair for a fat tire MTB.

Is Mongoose a Trusted MTB Brand?

From entry-level hardtails to remarkable downhill crackers, Mongoose carries a remarkable legacy of manufacturing bikes for men and women (adult and kids). They are one of the top mountain bike companies that come under budget for start mountain bikers.

Are Fat Tire Bikes Good on Pavement?

Fat tire mountain bikes are the best fit for all types of terrains including pavements (although these are not made specifically for paved paths).

What Size of Bike do I need?

It depends on your height and weight.

Is Mongoose Malus Recommended for a 300-pound man?

Yes, one of my fellow mountain bikers is 400 pounds who loves riding this with pure ease.


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