Mongoose Malus Review: Is it Better than Mongoose Dolomite?

In addition to rolling over colorful rocks, snow, dirt, debris, fallen branches, and earth, the Mongoose Malus mountain bike can also roll on muddy water. Furthermore, you will also look great riding the bike. So, let’s dive deep to present you the honest Mongoose Malus review.

Mongoose Malus Review


The wheel measures 26 inches in diameter and also four inches wide too. It will therefore provide stability to ride in mountainous terrain. In comparison, standard tires usually measure 1.5-2 inches.


Moreover, these tires have knobby treads and are designed for added driving power. The sand underneath them is being pushed forward by them. The bike can also use during an empty ride. It tends to be firmer here. However, you can still ride easily with these tires. Mongoose Malus comes with a strong and adjustable front derailleur that outperform in the hardest trails.


Disc brakes apply more stopping power than drum brakes, which is the perfect touch. Typically, brake pads lack these features. In addition, riding on trails allows you to regulate yourself more easily. It is usually dangerous to ride the waves at the beach because there will be sand under the pads. 

If the combination of sea spray and muddy shoes makes stopping difficult, eventually, it will result in disaster. Therefore, disc brakes will allow you to control the vehicle better. As a result, you can push past your limits without any hesitation.

There is a seven-speed Shimano shifter on the Malus bike. This bike will allow you to ride conveniently no matter what terrain you are on. It also features cruiser-style crankshafts and high-performance pedals. 

A 42-inch height is achieved by the overall vehicle. Also, the handlebars have a width of 26 inches. Thus, anyone can wear it except a big guy who is a professional basketball player. There are three ways to adjust the grip, including up and down. For those who are moderately tall, you can set up the correct configuration comfortably.

A rack of any kind can accommodate this frame size. As a result, it makes for an ideal travel companion. A bike with bigger wheels can ride for a more extended period. Furthermore, longer riding sessions provide greater enjoyment and fun.


BRAND: Mongoose
FRAME: Tectonic T1 carbon, 20″ sport geometry, internal cable routing, 9 mm x 135 mm dropouts, replaceable hangers.
WHEEL: 26 inches
SPEED: 7 speed
DIMENSIONS: 9.06 inches by 61.42 inches by 29.92 inches
COLOR: Black & Silver


It’s a fun toy, but you’ll need to replace components. If you’re buying at this price, don’t expect bulletproof precision.


  • A good set of brakes included.
  • It is comfortable and wide to have wide tires.
  • Price ranges from 300$ to 500$.
  • It offers a unique and classy design.


  • The weight is 50 pounds.

Summary – It easily glides over zombie hordes and wastelands in the Malus built for the apocalypse. As a result, you get an attractive framework for an exciting upgrade project. Many owners looked at the value at the low price from the onset and felt it was a complete bargain for the solid frame and tires. We would rate it higher than Mongoose Dolomite. Want a mountain bike with Suspension Shock Absorber, then check the Mongoose status 2.0 review.

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