Mongoose Status 2.2 Review: What Makes it Best?

With the Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike, you will be able to push yourself to the limit. An MTB ride with this one improves your mountain biking experience, commute, and social activities while keeping your wallet intact. Follow us for the Mongoose Status 2.2 review by experts.

Mongoose Status 2.2 Review


A robust suspension system on the front and rear, along with knobby mountain tires, ensures that this vehicle is stable and robust at the same time. In addition to the frame warranty, the bike’s parts warranty is one year, and a 30-day warranty for wearable parts such as tubes.


mongoose review

The process of getting on and off a bicycle is more difficult for women than it is for men. With Mongoose mountain bikes, you can step through the frame since the low-profile frame prevents you from tipping over.


It also features lightweight aluminum construction, in addition to its step-through design. As far as bike weights go, 42 pounds is pretty average compared to other models on the market. It is, therefore, easy to move around, especially when pushing or carrying the bike uphill. It’s clear from the photo that this frame has been developed with women riders in mind. Mongoose Status 2.2 comes with a strong and adjustable front derailleur that outperform in the hardest trails.


It has a complete suspension system, making it a very versatile mountain bike. With the element suspension, the front fork smoothes out any bumps and humps that lay in front of you. Likewise, the rear shock mechanism will be equipped with this component to reduce vibrations caused by challenging terrains such as rocky trails.

mongoose 2.2 review


Mongoose 2.2 can thus traverse terrains from mountainous to subtropical without sacrificing user comfort. For improved traction, full-suspension tires remain in contact with the ground.


mongoose status 2.2 review

The linear or direct-pull brakes provide braking power to the mongoose status 2.2 mountain bicycle for women. However, even though linear-pull brakes or V brakes are not as good as disc brakes, they can still stop the bike during a high-speed ride without breaking. Because of this, this brake type is also ideal for downhill rides on challenging trails without sustaining significant wear and tear.

A 26-inch diameter wheel makes this bike more responsive as well as lighter. This type of wheel provides faster acceleration and sharper direction changes.


BRAND: Thru aluminum frame
BRAKE: Rare and front V-brake with linear-pull
WHEEL: 26 inches
GREAR: 21 Shimano gear with SRAM twist shifter
RIMS: Aluminum alloy rims and 26×2.125″ tires glide over anything.


The tires are beefy enough to absorb shocks and roll over obstacles. They measure 2.125 inches wide. Even if you intend to do some dirt jumping with these tires, they’ll hold up well.


  • Easily maintained V-brakes.
  • Fast and smooth shifting.
  • Quickly mounted step-thru frame.
  • Rubber tires that can endure off-road cycling


  • A stiff, uncomfortable seat.
  • Over 40 pounds in weight.

SUMMARY – Women will enjoy using this mountain bike quite a bit. Excellent performance, excellent value for a great ride at an excellent price. It’s best to get the brakes replaced sooner rather than later, as they wear out quickly. Want a mountain bike with Suspension Shock Absorber, then check the Mongoose status 2.0 review.

Tom Fortune has been reviewing cycling products for several years from his home in the French Alps. As a freelance mountain bike wrtier, he mainly reviews mountain bike products but also reviews road cycling products independently.

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