Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

It’s important to avoid questionable products and inferior service when purchasing equipment, accessories, tools, bikes, or other daily life products. Another headache is the last thing you need. By consulting a website like ours, you can save time and money.

Because of this, the Quick Stuffs team devote so much time and attention to finding the best products at your experience and budget level to make your daily living activities easier.

How does it Work?

quick stuffs editorial policy

It’s important to provide a clear and concise methodology for producing our product guides and reviews. Because we belong to the Amazon Affiliate Program (and others), we earn money when we link to their products.

Thus, you need to know how we conduct our research and how we come to our conclusions. Buying a new product calls for a sense of trust from all parties involved: the manufacturer, the retailer, and most importantly, us (who recommend that).

Step 1: Understanding User Intent

Helping users find what they’re looking for is the most important factor for our success. We don’t write keyword-filled content with zero user-experience factors, but rather high-quality and user-friendly content.

Step 2: Research

Whether it’s a new topic selection or finding the content gaps in the competition’s content, it all begins with research. To research a particular topic, we use different methods:

  1. Internet Research (What others are saying)
  2. Seller Product Page
  3. Press Releases
  4. Gathering data from (verified purchases) reviews

When we have finished researching the product profile and have tested it in our labs, we will be ready to write a review.

Step 3: Self-test

It would be impossible for us to test every single welding machine or accessory available. It would be great if some giant brands would send us some free products! 😋 Again, that’s unlikely to happen. We must test as many products as possible, and we’re working hard to do so sooner rather than later.

Step 4: Relying on Real Customer Reviews

Somebody has used the product and written a review of it. Customers read reviews on Amazon, and mountain bikes like sports fans read the sports section. These reviews can provide valuable insight into issues our team hasn’t personally encountered. We ask someone who knows if we don’t know.

Step 5: Deploying the Industry-specific Writers

Fortunately, Quick Stuffs has become an ecosystem where it engages the pro writers who have expertise in the respective categories. Ultimately, we want to be sure that our reviews and guides are accurate.

Step 6: Critical Content Auditing

We pass the drafted content through different phases of auditing and editing to eliminate the probability of wrong information, typo, and other editorial mistakes.


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