Schwinn High Timber review – it handles a wide range of different environments and terrain. Although it is affordable yet it is of good quality in terms of its ride and specification.

Schwinn High Timber Review


A good choice for casual commuters, the Schwinn High Timber Bike offers easy handling and a large storage capacity. Only a few bikes offer both value and quality in equal measure. The tires are large and ready for rugged terrain so that you can use them in any environment.


Any mountain bike would be incomplete without a High Timber frame, and this one is no different. Its durable steel frame is made with high-quality steel. Despite its durability, due to its steel construction, the extra weight does contribute to the overall weight.

The aluminum or carbon frame is usually the preferred option. However, these are significantly more expensive. It is difficult to find any problems with the frame at its price. In addition to handling all terrains, its geometry allows it to run smoothly over rough terrain with minimal fuss. Moreover, Schwinn High Timber comes with a strong and adjustable front derailleur that outperform in the hardest trails.


The reliability of your drivetrain is critical to providing you with the control you need on the trail. To achieve the correct speeds, it is imperative to be able to change gear seamlessly. Its 21 Shimano gears smoothly shift between one another, which is made possible by its grip shifters. Switching gears is simple with a gear shifter, for instance.

Consequently, you’ll never be stuck in slow gear as your engine tries to catch up. Additionally, the chain is closely attached, so they won’t fall off if you hit a bump. The linear-pull brakes on linear motorcycles aren’t going to offer the most incredible braking power.


It is still possible to get highly efficient ones, as is experienced on the High Timber bike trip. Aside from its excellent brakes, the car has remarkable stopping power. Although not the best, you wouldn’t complain about it.


Its wheels are 27.5 inches in diameter and significantly contribute to the ride. Applying less pedal pressure will make it easier to ride over rocky terrain. Moreover, obstacles can easily be overcome while the bike is secured in safety. Additionally, the size of the wheels allows the consumer to choose tires that offer excellent traction.


Frame:Steel Alloy
Gears:21 Shimano gears with SRAM gear shifter
Wheel:22, 24, 27.5, or 29 inches available
Suspension:Front suspension fork SR Suntour M2000
Dimensions:68 inches long by 23 inches wide by 41 inches high
Number of Speeds:21
Break Style:Linear Pull
Suspension Type:Front

As such, you can enjoy your ride and explore the surrounding environment as long as you want. It is possible to run on rough terrains without getting tired or experiencing pain. Your ride will be more enjoyable than ever with the padded seat as it absorbs all bumps and shocks.

Summary: I recommend considering the Schwinn Timber Mountain Bike for a balanced relationship between price and quality. Most bikers can get excellent results from this bike, however, experienced mountain bikers are probably looking for a little more. Although you can upgrade your biking experience with the budget, this is one of the best mtb under 1000. Want a mountain bike with Suspension Shock Absorber, then check the Mongoose status 2.0 review.