15 Best Beaches in Washington (Never Miss in 2022)

The sky above and Sand Below, beaches are not less than a blow! The best beaches in Washington state are a true example of drop-dead gorgeous scenery all around. Yes, you heard it right!

Washington, known for over 157 miles, lined-up coastal beaches full of mighty rocks, foggy shores, iconic sea stacks, incredible hikes, and rain-ideal climate, is the ideal place to hit these vacations.

You can find a perfect escape from city life at any of the Washington beaches. No more wondering about the perfect beach excursion!

Spending a little me-time on these magical Washington beaches is nothing like it. Watching the lives of whales, experiencing kite flying while standing barefoot on powder-fine sand, building a sandcastle, doing stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, sightseeing by laying on the beach chairs, dabbling in pools, and partying around the bonfire will add a bunch of happy moments in family.

Have a plethora of fun and adventure with your loved ones at some of the world’s best beaches in Washington State. Check out my collated list to make your trip the most exciting and perfectly exotic on Washington shorelines.

List of Best Beaches in Washington State

  1. Alki Beach
  2. Cape Disappointment
  3. Westport
  4. Ocean Shores
  5. Long Beach Washington
  6. Rosario Beach
  7. Owen Beach
  8. Ruby Beach
  9. Second Beach
  10. Rialto Beach
  11. Fort Worden Beach
  12. Shi Shi Beach
  13. Cape Flattery
  14. Cama Beach
  15. Pacific Beach State Park

1. Alki Beach: Best Sandy Beach in Washington

alki beach

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Location: Seattle, WA 98116

You won’t miss the chance to enjoy the multitude of fun activities both in and out of the water at one of the best beaches in Washington. Alki Beach was the place from where the first white settlers entered Washington State in 1851. Since then, the beach is never out of the limelight.

Alki beach offers plenty of fun activities by the shore to spend an adventurous day. Have a fun blast by playing competitive beach volleyball games, biking or rollerblading on the paved paths, capturing pictures of the gorgeous coast, working on your tan, and much more.

If you want to move into the water for a more adventurous time, give it a try. you may enjoy a lot more watery activities such as stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, boating, and so on.

Alki Beach is spread on a large area with a long beach strip stretching from Alki Point to Duwamish Head. The hobbyist and professional joggers, roller-bladders, and cyclists enjoy their activities on the 2.5-mile pathway alongside the Washington beach.

The tourist won’t miss out on the basic facilities, including parking, an eatery, a bathhouse, and restrooms. Not a single beach corner is deprived of the beautiful scenery of Puget Sound and the magnificent Olympic Mountains.

Have fun watching the never-ending parade of boats, ferries, and yachts, as well as the visit to the historic Alki Point Lighthouse.

2. Cape Disappointment: Best Ocean Beach in WA

cape disappointment wa

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Location: 244 Robert Gray Dr, Ilwaco, WA 98624

Well, this is the only disappointment that will amuse you. 😀

CAPE DISAPPOINTMENT State Park is fun for nature fanatics and year-round tourists to embark on exclusive back-to-nature vacations. The scenic beauty of Washington shores will mesmerize you, and several historical spots to visit will leave you no-moment bored.

In November 1805, Lewis and Clark camped near here while searching for a winter camp during their discovery expedition. There are three long stretches of beach (totaling 2 miles), a Lewis & Clark interpretive center, as well as options for camping and cabin rentals in the park.

Known as one of the best beaches in WA, the park is the home of hiking trails and excellent birdwatching areas. You may find wild beaches, sea-smashed cliffs, and 8 miles of forested hiking trails that take in its two towering lighthouses.

Be sure to visit Waikiki Beach, one of the prettiest beaches in Cape Disappointment Park, for activities such as sunbathing, swimming, sandcastle building, and walking.

3. Westport

westport wa

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Location: Washington 98595

This coastal area of Washington is locally known as the “ts-a-lis,” which means “place of sand” and was originally used by the local Americans in the summertime. You can find some of the best beaches in Westport located at the northernmost part of the Peninsula.

As the name shows, the Westport is located at the westernmost part of the united states, on the tip of the Peninsula with one side towards the pacific ocean and the opposite side next to grays harbor; this is the home to many amazing shores.

The Westport boat basin is the largest public marina in the entire Pacific Northwest. You can find some of the best beaches in Washington located at Westport, including Westhaven state park and Twin Harbors State Park.

Some Westport beaches, such as Half Moon Bay, are famous for cold water surfing, and Westhaven state park is known for 1,215 feet of shoreline and sizeable waves.

An ideal situation for west coast surfers!

Come and enjoy the annual surf competition “Clean Water Classic” held at Westport.

On the other hand, Twin Harbors State Park is home to tall ridge grass, where you can enjoy walking along the driftwood-covered shoreline or even storm-watch in the winter season.

You won’t find it hard to select cabins, shacks, and camping spots for rent at twin harbors any time of the year. The year-round fun goes on here!

4. Ocean Shores: Best Beach Town in WA

ocean shores, wa

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Location: Ocean Shores, WA 98569

You can’t miss out on delicious food, an amazing golf course, and comfy accommodations while visiting the amazing ocean shores in Washington. Find the best restaurants offering amazing food and beach-around fun activities at this little vacation spot on Westport ocean shores.

A perfect place for family days out, this is one of the best beaches in Washington.

Enjoy driving the mopeds across the sand, flying kites, collecting seashells, and a hunt for shellfish. A bunch of enthusiast activities awaits you here!

TIP: Explore the North Jetty, confront the cold Washington Coast waves or enjoy bodyboarding for more adventurous and courageous fun.

Give your sight a beachy treat being on the plenty of sand real estate at ocean shores. The 7-miles long shoreline that crosses the town from north to south, exploring it is not less than a fun-packed activity.

5. Long Beach Washington

long beach wa

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Location: Long Beach City, Southwest Washington (98631)

Long Beach peninsula containing over the 28-miles stretch of sand on the peninsula, falls under the secluded beaches in Washington state. Through long beach city access to the long beach, the peninsula is open to everyone.

There is an excellent ocean view from the Long Beach Boardwalk, which stretches for a half-mile from the city. As well as offering a good vantage point, the boardwalk is an ideal place to see the kite festival held in Washington State every August.

The Peninsula has six state park units, including Cape Disappointment, one of the city’s most majestic spots. Long Beach has a paved Discovery Trail along the coast, which can also be explored for further exploration.

Enjoy enough inhaling of saltwater air at Long Beach!

This one of the beaches near Washington DC offers all kinds of fun activities to captivate the tourists, including Kite flying, soft-sand walking, sunbathing, and much more.

Attend the SandSations castle building competition, held each year in July, along with horseback riding and beachcombing.. A real treat to fun lovers!

6. Rosario Beach

rosario beach washington

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Location: Deception Pass State Park, Washington

A beautiful landscape, tide pools, a headland hiking trail, and adventurous activities such as swimming, picnicking, walking along the shorelines, tanning, and more are enough to keep me coming back.

The Rosario Beaches are actually two beaches on opposite sides of Rosario Head. On both ends of this curved coastline, there are drift logs that surround rocky shores.

Resting in Deception Pass State Park, this beach is the home to many other adventurous ventures such as camping, hiking, exploring beautiful playgrounds with kids, and watching wildlife.

Don’t forget to participate in the Ranger-guided program; all fun in the sandy environment.

7. Owen Beach

owen beach washington

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Location: 5605 Owen Beach Rd, Tacoma, WA 98407

An admirer of backdrops of mounting trees, rambling sand shores, glittering blue water, and powdery-fine sand? Owen beach, located on the calm waters of the bay, is the place for you.

A magnificent spot that offers much more than to swim, such as kayaking, boating, enjoying barbeque, watching seals moving around, kite flying, and many other ventures. Experience better parking and more kayak rentals while visiting the beach.

A fun family spot at Owen beach allows you to experience good family days while picnicking and play with your children. Enjoy strolling alongside the crashing waves on the paved promenade spanning much of the shorelines.

Visit a tourist attraction Hotspot Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium located near Owen Beach, the park is home to more than 9,000 animals.

8. Ruby Beach: Best Beach in Washington for Kids & Families

ruby beach

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Location: Kalaloch Area of Olympic National Park

Red-tinged sand and pebbles justify its name perfectly. Known as one of the best beaches in Washington state, Ruby beach features jaw-dropping beauty with its iconic rock formations, lush green backgrounds, ideal sun-faced sandy shoreline, mesmerizing blue water, and what not?

Take a short 0.2-mile path to reach a large range of windswept shore embellished by shiny black stones and fully spread tree trunks.

Enjoy the adventurous activities with your buddies on powdery-fine sandy land, including picnicking, relaxing on the sand, playing with kids, swimming, kayaking, hiking, watching the sea caves, wildlife & aquatic creatures, and much more.

Experience some unforgettable days with family and friends having the inevitable facilities like large parking, comfy restrooms, and spectacular trails.

Safety: Safe your feet from small rocks and driftwood by wearing slippers or aqua shoes when visiting Ruby Beach.

Who wouldn’t love to take memorable selfies backed by the gorgeous surrounding? Don’t miss this! Ruby beach, a feral coastline, is worth everything to be added to your bucket list.

9. Second Beach (LA Push Beaches)

second beach la push

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Location: Olympic National Park in Pacific Northwest

While compiling up the list of best Washington state beaches, you can’t miss out on the most scenic beauty of LA Push Second Beach. LA push probably is the most scenic beauty in the state, famous among the surfers and sea kayakers due to its raw, untamed beaches.

La push is a small fishing village located at the opening of the Quillayute River is the home of the Quileute tribe. The beach is located 12 miles west of Forks on Highway 110 and provides commercial salmon fishing operations to the tribal people.

There are a wide variety of seabirds and mammals that live in this ocean archipelago. An optional 1.5-mile beach walk south leads to Teahwhit Head, or you can hike in one of the national parks nearby.

Enjoy an adventurous ride on dramatic Pacific waves, especially in January, and whale-watching in spring.

10. Rialto Beach: Best Agate Beach in WA

rialto beach

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Location: Mora Rd, Forks, WA 98331

Planning a beach date with your loved one among the amazing sunset views, beautiful rock formations, marvelous tide pools full of marine creatures backed by a beautiful coastal rainforest? Rialto Beach is your good-to-go choice for a romantic day out.

Catch up with a memorable day with your partner strolling hand-in-hand, capturing so many clicks, viewing Pacific sea stacks, enjoying sunbath, laying on powdery sand, swimming, pitching a tent, and relishing a good picnic time. A Rialto Beach day that will be stuck to your memory!

The beach is full of washed-up trees and smaller pieces of driftwood like any other pacific coastal beach. You may enjoy the prevailing serenity, thanks to its remote location. At fewer than 3 miles from the beach, there is a large campground at Mora where you can enjoy the midnight walk or study the stars.

Better to pack your backpack properly as the beach is offering a few vendors or stores in the area to shop.

11. Fort Worden Beach

fort worden beach

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Location: 200 Battery Way, Port Townsend, WA 98368

Known for its strategic military base history, Fort Worden was home to thousands of brats a century ago. Those soldiers were trained to protect the Puget sound at that time. After many years, this military location has turned into a popular historical park, a popular tourist spot.

A two-mile range of beach life highlighting the towering mountains provides a scenic treat to the eyes of the Strait of Juan de Fuca (A Salish Sea’s outlet to the Pacific Ocean).

Enjoy your trip here, venturing the numerous activities swimming and diving, crabbing and clamming as well as lots of mucking around in boats. Several boat ramps and a 120-foot dock are available for personal watercraft at the park.

Renting kayaks is available, and those who don’t want to be in water can enjoy 11 miles of hiking trails and 8 miles of cycling trails. Don’t miss to visit the historical fort and the beautiful grounds surrounding it.

A beautiful conversation with the sound of lapping waves and watching a drop-dead gorgeous view of North Cascades on the horizon is enough to captivate you. Some fun days full of relaxation and leisure await you at the magnificent beach in WA.

Enough exploring of beach life? You may also visit the other parts of the park featuring discarded barricades and other worth-seeing remnants of its military past.

No tour at Fort Worden beach is completed without exploring The Point Wilson Lighthouse, on the northern end of the beach. Enjoy the picture-postcard view of the ocean from here.

12. Shi Shi Beach

shi shi beach

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Location: Shi Shi Beach Rd, Clallam Bay, WA 98326

Known for its unbelievable beauty and magical coastal attraction, Shi Shi beach adorns the beauty of the Olympic National Park. However, access to this masterpiece of land is not easy; you have to work for it. One has to take a difficult 4-mile hike to access this location full of beautiful sea stacks.

Start the hike from the 2-mile Shi Shi Beach Access Trail and end at the north end of Shi Shi Beach, where a small group of sea stacks welcomes you.

A 2.3-mile walk to the point of the Arches (a large grouping of very impressive sea stacks) is an actual tourist attraction. Tourists and photographers enjoy their campsite here to watch and capture the beautiful shots.

You can enjoy a night under the stars as the beach allow primitive camping and let you bring everything you need for your stay here.

Better to visit Shi Shi Beach during oddball times of the year to avoid the rush and compromising tranquility.

13. Cape Flattery

cape flattery

Location: Makah Reservation, outside Olympic National Park

Cape Flattery is a popular tourist attraction due to its rocky coastal landscape, mounted lush green trees, and rainy and gray.

Cape flattery is not located in but outside the Olympic National Park on the northwestern side of the lower contiguous 48 states. Tourists have to use the Makah Recreation Pass to park their vehicles.

You have to take an easy short hike full of broad walks and sets of stairs from the parking space to the coast overlooking Neah Bay.

The trail offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, Tatoosh Island, adjacent rocky cliffs, kelp forests, and the chance to spot whales, stellar sea lions, and plenty of seabirds.

You can’t resist capturing the scenic beauty during this short hike. So, put your camera in your bag first! During summer hikes, the fog and the marine layer of clouds are irresistible photographic opportunities.

Explore Just a short drive south of Cape flattery, a scenic Hobuck beach with a mini-resort and campground.

BONUS: This area is the hot favorite spot to enjoy the secluded beach waves.

14. Cama Beach

Location: 1880 W Camano Dr, Camano, WA 98282

Cama Beach is no different, with its spectacular waterfronts and forested landscapes. A perfect place to encounter beautiful moments with your partner!

Cama Beach offers many fun activities to enjoy the time there, including beach games, hiking, fishing, kiting, paddle boating, sailing, photo capturing, and many other things.

Additionally, this beach offers the best out of your expectations. You can enjoy your leisure time while tanning, swimming, diving, crabbing, or doing nothing while only lying on the sand. The beach contains a general store and a campfire spot to enjoy gatherings.

Not a single person of any age will regret spending the beachful moments here!

Important: If you are up for the night under the stars, you can rent lined beachfront cabins instead of pitching a tent.

15. Pacific Beach State Park

Location: 49 2nd St S, Pacific Beach, WA 98571

Pacific Beach State Park, a perfect place to enjoy the fresh ocean breeze hand-in-hand with your partner.

Located in Grays Harbor County on Washington’s central coast, Pacific Beach is a gateway community exploring the state’s shoreline.

Within 90 miles of Olympia, this vibrant ocean town offers several beaches in the area. The nearest ocean attraction is Pacific Beach, State Park.

Spread over the 17 acres and 2,300 feet of beachfront with glowy water, the pacific beach is an ideal place to enjoy numerous fun activities with family and friends.

Tourists can experience multiple activities such as digging for clams, tanning, picnicking, kayaking, fishing, kiteflying, frisbee competitions, castle building, gathering on a bonfire, and much more.

Beachgoers can enjoy pitching the tent at the campground to spend the night under the sky.

REMEMBER: January, March, and May are the perfect months for the Whale-watching experience. Don’t forget to bring binoculars for the majestic view of these mammals.

Best Washington Beaches in a Nutshell

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Are there swimmable best beaches in Washington state?

There are swimmable beaches near Seattle, even though Puget Sound can be cold. Sunbathers mostly use the 2.5 miles of sandy beach at Alki Beach Park because of the cold waters.

However, there are two more nearby lakes, Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, that offer sand beaches and shallow waters that are warmer and just a short drive from Seattle. The city center is also home to a few smaller, swimmable lakes.

Can you walk on Washington beaches?

Washington State Supreme Court has neither asserted nor denied a public “right of walking” on private beaches in Washington state. So, the question is still unresolved.

Is it safe to swim in Puget Sound?

Numerous beaches around Puget Sound have high levels of fecal bacteria, which makes the water unsafe to swim in and contact with. So, better to avoid watery contact here.

Are there sharks in Lake Washington?

Yes, there was a bull shark sighted in Lake Washington near the Lake Forest Park Civic Club. WDFW’s Cutty Briar mentions that bull sharks are known for swimming between freshwater and saltwater.

Wind up

From the rocky seashores of Olympic National Park to the long shorelines of Long Beach Peninsula, Washington’s beaches are the ultimate aquatic destinations. Hope after exploring this list of best beaches in Washington; you have shortlisted one of your next vacation spots. Haven’t you?

What is that? Let me know!


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